T. Self-Paced Problems with Own Data

Synopsis of Topic

We will break up the morning into three segments during this self-paced change detection exercise:
  1. Data Preparation
  2. Change Detection
  3. Budget Segregation

We will have a handful of staff on hand to help you as you encounter stumbling blocks in trying to use the GCD Software to get through the above steps.

Why we're Covering it

This is the opportunity for you to reinforce the concepts and skills you've developed on Monday and Tuesday and apply them to data that you have first hand experience with. Whether you work up your own data that you brought with you or data that you captured during the field trip, we will help make sure you understand the workflows.

Learning Outcomes Supported

This topic will help fulfill the following primary learning outcome(s) for the workshop:
  • Hands-on instruction on use of the GCD software through group-led and self-paced exercises
  • An opportunity to interact with experts on geomorphic monitoring and the software developers of GCD to help you make better use of your own data

Data and Materials for Exercises


Prerequisites for this Exercise

  • Participation in rest of Workshop

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