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O. Recap of Workshop

Synopsis of Topic

In this final segment, we will briefly summarize and review the main concepts we want you to leave the workshop with. We will highlight the skills you need to put those concepts into practice on your own projects and remind you where you can access the follow up resources to help you do it. 

Why we're Covering it

  • The workshop is designed as a firehose of information, but this website is organized to help you digest and access that information in a useful way as you move forward and potentially begin to apply the principles covered here. The synthesis is a chance to pull all that scattered information we've thrown at you in the past three days and put it back together into some coherent take home points. 
  • To give the group an opportunity to choose change detection topics and/or applications of specific interest to them to learn more about.

Learning Outcomes Supported

This topic will help fulfill the following primary learning outcome(s) for the workshop:
  • The fundamental background necessary to design effective repeat topographic monitoring campaigns and distinguish geomorphic changes from noise (with particular focus on restoration applications)
  • An opportunity to interact with experts on geomorphic monitoring and the software developers of GCD to help you make better use of your own data



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