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New Zealand - August 2015

Workshop: Analysing Topographic Time Series: Geomorphic Change Detection

In an era of abundant high-resolution topographic survey data and acquisition methods (RTK-GPS, LiDAR and Structure-from-Motion), it is becoming increasingly important to understand and master new workflows for assessing the quality of digital elevation models (DEMs), the extents of 2D and 3D change, and the variance and error in DEMs of difference.

The freely available GCD software suite was developed to streamline the process of evaluating topographic change within a time series of survey data, which is applicable in a range of environments. As each DEM has an uncertain surface representation (which might vary in space and time), our ability to detect changes between surveys is highly dependent on surface representation uncertainties inherent in the individual DEMs. The fundamental problem is differentiating the changes between the surveys that are due to geomorphic change from the changes due to noise in the DEMs. GCD provides a suite of tools for quantifying those uncertainties independently in each DEM and propagating them through to the DEM of difference. The program also provides ways for segregating the best estimates of change spatially using different types of masks. The overall suite of tools is more generically applicable to many different spatial raster-based change detection problems. This 1-day workshop will introduce participants to the principles of change detection, and help them build proficiency in applying those principles using the GCD Software. Two 1-day workshops will be offered in New Zealand this August:

Auckland Workshop
August 13th, 9am to 5 pm (please arrive 1 hr early if you need help installing software*):
School of Environment, University of Auckland
12 Grafton Road in the Owen G. Glenn Building, Room 233 (see event screen on ground floor)

Christchurch Workshop
August 17th, 9am to 5pm (please arrive 1 hr early if you need help installing software*):
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
10 Kyle St.

Participants are required to bring a laptop; the necessary software and datasets will be provided. *See Prerequisites for preparing your laptops ahead of time.

Cost: $300; $250 for IPENZ Members; $100 for students

To Register, Visit IPENZ

For help on specific topics, see 3 Day Workshop. Below you can find PDFs of slides and zip files of the exercises. Note the exercises will be distributed at the workshop, so no need to download ahead of time.

You can download all the exercises in one go here (warning over 618 MB)