Geomorphic Change Detection Examples

Welcome to the Geomorphic Change Detection Workshop  website.

Enrolled Participants:

This website is the primary hub of resources for the Geomorphic Change Detection workshop.

Prospective Participants:

The next GCD workshop(s) will be taught:
  1. January 10- May 4, 2017 in Logan @ USUA semester-long version of the GCD class will be taught for USU students (WATS 6850 - Spring 2017 CRN 26222). See here for more information.
  2. April 3-7, 2017* in Bologna, Italy @ University of Bologna. This workshop is targeted at University of Bologna Geology MSc students and is being co-taught with Dr. Francesco Brardinoni of University of Bologna. Instruction will be in english.
  3. May 2-4, 2017 in Logan @ USUThis workshop is offered through the Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab at Utah State University. We typically cap enrollment at 25 participants. The espresso course is targeted at professionals and continuing education credit. See here for registration information. Professional certificates are provided, and University credit is available (1 credit) by additionally registering for: WATS 6850 - Spring 2017 CRN 26223). 
* Tentative dates